Innovation Area

enterpriseThe Equus Live Innovation Area will showcase Equine products that are new to the market. A panel of experts will judge a selection of General Equine Products and award the inaugural Equus Live Innovation Award to the winner.  The finalists along with other innovative veterinary and feed products will be on display for the general public to view throughout the event. On Saturday 2nd Nov each finalist will be given 5 minutes in the Irish Horse TV – At The Races Studio to sell their product to you, you will also be given the opportunity to ask them questions about their invention.  The winner will be announced in The Studio on Sunday 3rd November at 2pm.

The Finalists (listed in no particular order)

  • Multi-Purpose Saddle Trolley; Rolltack Ltd
  • A thread less stud system; Pro-Fit Studs
  • Social network for Horse Racing;
  • Broadland Riding Boot,  Tuffa Boots
  • Equine Hay Feed System; Harmony Equine Feeder
  • Feed storage bunker and dispenser; The Smart Bunker
  • Dressage Close Contact Saddle; Berney Bros Saddlery

Product 1:

Rolltack_TurquoiseRolltack Ltd

On sale from Monday 21st October 2013

Cost: €183 and shipping where applicable


Contact: Clare Medland:

About the Rolltack: The ‘Rolltack’ is a multi-purpose saddle trolley which adjusts to double as a car saddle rack, it has a built-in mounting block and can be used as a seat. It is adjustable and can be used in the yard or the car. It protects the saddle while in transit with a build-in wet/dry compartment which helps to keep the inside of the car clean. A robust product that comes in a range of colours, the Rolltack is the first versatile multi-purpose horse saddle on offer for the horse rider.

Product 2:

Pro-Fit Studs Ardall Pro-Fit Stud Kit

On sale from Wednesday 7th August 2013


Cost: Stud Kit: €150, Farrier: €60, Individual Studs: €4.50 each


Contact: Paul Murphy:

About Pro-Fit Studs: The Pro-Fit Stud system is a thread less stud system, which makes them far easier to fit and remove than traditional studs, saving horse riders a time at shows. Made from a high grade stainless steel this product will not rust and can be re-used time and again. Pro-Fit studs are smooth, easy to manage design. As a result, horse riders will now be able to say goodbye to broken taps, dodgy threads and the nightmare traditionally associated with fitting screw studs. As Pro-Fit Studs and stud holes are completely thread free, studding up horses will now be a quick and simple task. As Pro-Fit studs are so quick to fit and so simple to remove, a horse can now be fully studded up with 8 Pro-Fit Studs in less than 2 minutes.

Product 3: 

Gallops Live: Social network for Horse Racing

On sale from April 2013

Cost: Registering to the Community and viewing content on the site is all free. There is fee for subscription items and merchandise.


Contact: Caroline Townend:

About Gallops Live: Gallops Live is an online website and social network for Horse Racing. Gallops Live has created a community where all interests and involvements in horse racing are united. Each registered user has a profile, ‘My Gallops’, where they can create a personal or professional image for themselves by blogging, adding photos and chatting in their Newsfeed. ‘My Gallops’ can be used in different ways. Some Trainers have opted to use it as a website, whilst others use it as a fun social media outlet, as per Facebook or Twitter for racing orientated information. Gallops Live has something for all its viewers such as Daily News articles and featured weekly blogs, Betting page for our punters and tipsters, free weekly NAP competition and Daily Forums, where you can chat with others watching the same race meeting, bet and watch videos of previous races (for form purposes).

Product 4:  

Broadland Boot: Riding boot for the larger calf with side zip Tuffa Book

On sale from April 2013

Cost: €200



About Broadland Boot: The Broadland boots are designed specifically to fit large calves. The zip has less pressure when sited at the side, rather  than at the rear of the boot .The synergy between the panel and zip, collocated as they are on the open side of the upper allows for a particularly well fitting boot which is snug when on, but equally is very easy to take off and put on again.  The provision of the elongated elasticated portion gives the boots the stretch which they need in order to provide a good fit to somebody with wider than usual calves.  With no boots like this on the market, the Broadland boot is suitable for riding and general stable ware that fit up to 19 inch calf.

Product 5: 

HAY FEEDER43 (1 of 1)Harmony Equine Feeder-Equine Hay Feed System

On sale from September 2013

Cost: €610


Contact: Michelle O’ Connor, Equiniche Sciences:

About Harmony Equine Feeder: The Harmony Equine Feeder is the original innovator in equine feed systems. The system is the first of its kind to deliver a method of feeding that allows horses to eat hay all day long in a controlled manner from a natural grazing position at ground level. The product offers a natural solution to the management of gastric ulcers, cuts down on waste and offers a significant saving in terms of labour costs. The Harmony Equine Feeder has produced the first truly ground level feeder that is designed with safety uppermost, it is easy to clean, can be moved easily from one stable to another and holds enough hay to feed a horse all day long in a controlled manner via the rubber grid system.

 Product 6:

 The Smart Bunker-Food storage bunker and dispenser New photo Bunker (2)

On sale from July 2013

Cost: €235


Contact: Niall Greenan:

About The Smart Bunker: The SmartBunkerTM, is an innovative, first to market, storage bunker which has a lever design that releases stacked product through an inner chute into a bucket. This allows the exact amount of product required at any given time to be released. The first produce into the box is the first produce out of the box which is an important feature in sectors where perishability is an issue. The bunker is filled via a lockable airtight lid to ensure feed is kept fresher for longer. The bunker can be easily assembled, is secure and vermin proof. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The standard size unit can hold in excess of 200KG of feed.

Product 7: 

Dressage Close Conberney saddletact Saddle

On sale from August 2013

Cost: €1550


Contact: Deirdre Berney

About Dressage Close Contact Saddle: Dressage Close Contact Saddle is a top quality dressage saddle, built on a spring tree with a deep seat and stylish round candle. The saddle is made from quality supple leathers with the latest advanced design including orthopaedic memory foam on the seat. It is lightweight making it more comfortable for the rider.


Judging Panel

  1. Garrett Dee: Enterprise Ireland
  2. Gavin Duffy: Entrepreneur
  3. Joseph Murphy: Olympian, International Eventing Rider and member of Irish High Performance Squad
  4. Senator Mary Ann O’Brien Founder Lily O’Brien Chocolates
  5. Brian Purcell: Irish Apprentice Judge and PR Communications and lobbying consultant 

Innovation Award Prize
1. A Bursary: A bursary from Enterprise Ireland of €1,600
2. Design Mentoring: Development of a product logo by Claire Goodwillie Design
3. Legal Mentoring: Two hour advice session from Maurice Power Solicitors

4. PR Mentoring: Development and issue of an industry news release by Big Picture Communications

*For full details and terms and conditions email
Equus Live would like to thank the judges for donating their time to this award and also to the following companies who are offering mentoring advice to the winners

BP Communications_1 BP Communications
Telephone: +353 (0)87 967 8921
CG logo_1 Claire Goodwillie Design
Telephone: +353 (0)86 853 5115
enterprise Enterprise Ireland
mps Maurice Power Solicitors